Tender title: Invitation for tenders for setting an information desk for hotel booking at Kigali International Airport; Arrival-baggage claim area.

Tender Notice (TN) N0 07/S/2019-2020/BOOK/N/RAC       

Rwanda Airports Company wishes to recruit reputable and experienced tourism companies   that will help Rwanda Airports Company to improve services to the visitors coming to Rwanda by providing useful information and services regarding their visit in Rwanda.


  1. The terms of reference in ENGLISHmay be obtained by interested candidates from Kigali International Airport (RAC offices) upon presentation of proof payment of a non-refundable fee of Five thousands Rwandan francs (5,000Frw) to be deposited at Bank of Kigali on the Account N°00040-06948300-35 (RWF) opened in the name of Rwanda Airports Company. Terms of reference may also be consulted via our website: www.rac.co.rw 


2.      All interested bidders are invited for site visit scheduled on 04th October 2019 at 10:00 am at Kigali International Airport.


3.      Enquiries regarding this invitation may be addressed to Managing Director of Rwanda Airports Company, Po Box 1171 Kigali-Rwanda, Tel: (+250) 252585555; or by writing to Email: info(at)rac.co.rw, wbyakutaaga(at)rac.co.rw, or jgasana(at)rac.co.rw.


  1. Well printed offers, signed by an officer authorized to bind the company, properly bound and presented in four copies one of which is the original must reach RAC Information desk at the address mentioned above not later than 18th October 2019 at 10:00 Am (8:00 GMT).  Late offers will be rejected and returned unopened. All bids will be addressed to RAC procurement office failure to which RAC shall bear no responsibility of loss or misplacement of any bid.
  2. Proposals will be opened in the presence of customers or their representatives who choose to attend, on the same day at 10:30 am local time or 8:30 GMT.
  3. The Outer envelope should clearly indicate the tender name and title.



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Firmin KARAMBIZI          

Managing Director 

Rwanda Airports Company