• Birds Collision Avoidance System
  • DVOR
  • Instrument Landing System (GP)
  • Instrument Landing System (LZZ)
  • Surveillance Systems (PSR & MSSR Mode S)

The main functions of CNS Department are:

  • The CNS department is responsible for assuring integrity and safe provision of Aeronautical Telecommunications, Radio Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) Services and that provided services satisfy regulatory, contractual and ICAO obligations.

  • Plan, direct, and coordinate works in Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) engineering with responsibility for operations, preventive and curative maintenance of the following Facilities: 

   a) Communication facilities

 ·        Air-Ground voice communication facilities (VHF Radios)

 ·        Ground-ground communication facilities ( VSAT SADC AFTN, ATS/DS Circuit and HF radios)

 ·        Associated voice recorders, Satellite Meteorological link equipment and radio links.

   b) Navigation Facilities: 

  ·        DVOR/DME

  ·        Instrument Landing Systems (LLZ, GP/DME)

  ·        Non-Directional Beacons (NDB);

   ·        Flight Calibration of Navigation Systems

          ·        Associated radio/wired links and NAVAIDs remote control equipment

c)  Surveillance Facilities:

  ·        Secondary Surveillance (MSSR) radars,
  ·        Primary Surveillance (PSR) Radars
  ·        Flight Data Processing Systems
  ·        Flight Calibration of Surveillance Systems
  ·        Network Time Protocol Clock Server (NTP)
  ·   Associated data recorders, radio and fiber networks and hardware

d) Meteorology systems

   ·        Automatic Weather Observation System (AWOS) and

   ·        Low Level Wind Shear (LLWS).

  ·        Digital-ATIS

  ·        Flight Calibration of Meteorology Systems

  ·        Associated data recorders, radio and fiber networks and remote equipment