Air Traffic Control Department

This department is responsible for the management and operation of Air traffic services within the Kigali Flight Information Region (FIR).

Air Traffic Services are provided for the purpose of:

Preventing collisions between aircraft ; Preventing collisions on maneuvering areas between aircraft and obstructions on ground ; Expediting and maintaining the orderly flow of air traffic ; Providing advise and information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights ; Notifying appropriate organizations on the need for Search and Rescue and assisting such organizations as required ;

With the use of Radar in the provision of Air Traffic Control Service the Air Traffic Services department will be able to :

Minimize delays in Arrivals and Departures ; Maximize the utilization of the airspace ; Improve on safety by predicting conflicts ; Optimize flight profile and routes even during adverse weather conditions ; Enhance security within the Kigali Flight Information Region The use of Flight Information Processing System (FIPS) with the aim of improving efficiency and safety for proper air traffic management will collect, process ,store and store and visualize air navigation data in real time data flight..