Director Air Navigation Services


Mr. Eustache Karagire is currently the Director Air Navigation Services at the Rwanda Airports Company since April 2012 with over 15 years of accumulative experience in Information Technology and Telecommunication engineering. He has a degree in Information Technology Engineering.

The Directorate manages, co-ordinates and directs all the functions of the Air Navigation Services which include but not limited to the airspace management, air traffic management, communications, navigation and surveillance, aeronautical information services, procedures for air navigation services, cartography within Rwanda airspace for manned and unmanned aircraft movement.

Hands-on experience in the fields of information technology and electronics, main roles and achievements are modernizing and automating Air Navigation Services such as air traffic management for manned and unmanned aircrafts, aeronautical meteorology and aeronautical information services by ensuring that the appropriate air navigation services for aircrafts in flight are provided in accordance with national Regulations and ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices.

He has played many roles in the Region such involvement in airspace initiatives in COMESA Region held position of Assistant Project Coordinator of COMESA Airspace Integration Initiative which was concluded in June 2019 with a Regulatory, Institution and technical framework basis on which a Seamless Regional Airspace can be established.